Pender Memories
Joshua, Age 8, Coldstream, BC

The Cabin is a warm and cuddly place.
When it rains, our family sometimes snuggles up and watches the
Looking out the window I see
Seals slapping and barking - making lots of racket.
Minks racing over rocks and cracking crabs.
Sailboats tipping, turning and swerving.
Motor boats humming along the surface of the water.
Loons diving down to catch big fish.
Birds circling over dead clams cracked on the shore.

On the beach crabs scuttle around - pinching, snapping, hiding
People catching, lifting up rocks
And the crabs skedaddle freely away to safety.

On our way to Bedwell, our canoe paddles past jelly fish who are pulping
   out their tentacles and slowly rising to the surface.

When we get to Bedwell, we go in the shop to get candies and supplies.
It is quite a sight to see how much candy they have there. I like the
   chocolate ice-cream the best!

It took a long time for me and my dad to get to the cave.
When we got there, there were stalactites hanging from the wall and
   anemonies hanging from the stalactites.
Million year old logs jammed into the gooey, dripping surface.
The farther we go, the gooier, clammier and darker it gets.

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