Ranger Lake Camp
Cindy, Age 8, Kamsack, SK

There were four girls that didnt know of each other. They didnt even know that they lived in the same town beside each other. They didnt even know that they were in the same class!

All of the girls decided that they would go to Ranger Lake camp with out each other knowing that the others were too. They took a bus numbered 37. Finally they were there.

It was strange because they were all set up in the same cabin. Their cabin was number 32, letter D.

Then every single kid who signed up, had to meet at a little place to say his or her name. Im Demetra, Im Claire, Im Brendon. There were a few more people to go before the girls. Im Alex, Im Mackenzie, Im Stephen, and Im Lulu. Finally it was the four girls turn. Im Shay, Im Randy, Im Terry, and Im Wendy.

Then they had to do all their sports. Before they knew it they were best friends! Then it was time to go back to the cabin and go to sleep. They slept in the beds right beside each other.

The next day they felt very rested! All the boys and girls had to meet in a place to play some games like frozen tag, TV tag, red rover, and other sorts of games. They had fun. Then they went to do their sports.

When they had to go to the cabin and go to sleep all of them were sad because the next day they would have to go home. Then Wendy remembered that she saw all of them before. She said that she saw them in her class.

The next day they went on the bus and sat together.

The day after that they were back at school. After school they all went over to Terrys house and had a wonderful time as friends!

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