Sam's Story
Christopher, Age 12, London, ON

Sam sells sea shells by the sea shore. When he isn't selling sea shells he likes to play Game Cube. Sam and Jordan went shopping for video games. When they were finished shopping they decided to play the video games they had bought.

The games were pretty exciting. Jordan bought NHL 2005, and it was like a swordfish. Sam purchased Halo 2. They beat the games in three hours; it was easy as pie.  When they finished playing the games, Jordan had to go home because Sam had to eat his dinner. He was having cheeseburgers; they were as big as a giant. Sam ate six cheeseburgers; they were refreshing like a shower. That night Sam slept for 10 hours, and then he had to get ready for school.

During school Sam spit a giant spitball at the teacher. He got suspended for three days of school. Jordan laughed at him. When Sam got home early he played Game Cube and Mario Party Six. When his parents got home from work they asked, "Why are you home from school early?" Then Sam had to tell the truth.

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