Greg, Age 9, Togo, SK


I like hockey. Hockey rocks! I play hockey all the time because I love hockey! In the winter all I do is play hockey. I play hockey all the time because I love hockey! I can skate very fast. I think hockey is a very fantastic sport. Hockey brings me lots of happiness! It is the best sport in the world! Last year my mom and dad wouldnít let me play hockey but this year my mom and dad let me play hockey. Last year my mom and dad didnít have enough money, but this year they do.


I like skiing. Skiing rocks! When I go skiing I go to the Asessippi ski hill. I like to ski down steep hills. There are two lifts. One lift is for four people to go on and the other lift is meant for three people to go in. The lifts are very high. At first it is scary on the lifts but after a while itís not scary. I think skiing gives you good exercise. Sometimes it can be very hard to find a pair of skis that are the right size. Once you find skis you have to get ski boots that fit. If your boots are too big when you are skiing your ski boots could fall off and you could get hurt very badly because if you were skiing fast when you fell out of your boots you would crack your skull on the crisp icy snow. It is very important to get the right size of boots because if your boots are too small they will hurt and if you ski like that you will get out of control and get hurt. When I ski I go down the steepest hill at Asessippi because I like to ski fast. Skiing fast is very fun!


I like soccer! Soccer is a very energetic sport. I play soccer lots at home. My brother likes to play soccer with me. When I was playing soccer and I kicked the ball as hard as I could I broke the rope net, so I fixed it and started to play soccer again. Soccer is a very fun sport to play. Soccer rocks!


I like to play basketball! When you play basketball it's nice to be tall because it is easier to play basketball when you are tall because you can reach the hoop better. When you are tall its easier to get a hoop. I donít play basketball very much because there is no cement around my house. Basketball is one of my favorite sports to play. I am very good at shooting hoops and I am good at dribbling the ball. I am so good at basketball that when someone tries to steal the ball I just do a trick and most of the time the person doesnít get the ball from me. I can dribble with my right hand and I can dribble with my left hand. I think basketball rocks!


I like to bike! Biking is very fun. In the summer I bike a lot. I like to bike on the highway. My mom does not let me bike on the highway very much. When I get to bike on the highway I bike very fast because it is very fun to bike fast! Sometimes I bike to my mom and dad's land and explore the land. Sometimes I bike up very steep hills. A couple of days ago my bike brakes were not working so I fixed my brakes and put some air in my bike tire. I wanted to see how well my brakes would work so I went to the road and then I started to go very fast. When I got going about 25 miles per hour I slammed on the brakes and my brakes were working very well! I stopped so fast that I flew right off my bike and scraped my knee really badly on the ground. So then I went to the house and washed it off and put a bandage on it. Then I went outside and adjusted my brakes so they wouldnít stop so fast. Then I went biking some more!


Football is a very fun sport. I play football with my brother. I am very good at football. When I play football with my brother sometimes my brother gets mad at me. When my brother is in a good mood he doesnít get mad at me, but when my brother is in a bad mood he gets mad and quits. If you play football you have to be able to run very fast so the other team doesnít tackle you down. If you tackle somebody down and they donít have the ball you get a penalty. I love football!

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