My Spring Break
Zack, Age 12, Plover, WI

When I was in Virginia, I watched the UWSP Pointers win the NCAA National Division 3 championship. For the second time they are going to try for a three-peat. They have huge dunks by Kyle Grazsinski, Jason Kalsow and Gbenga Awe. Great 3 pointers by Nick Bennet, Kyle Grazsinski and Jason Kalsow. But the Pointers couldn’t win without Jack Bennet and his coaching staff.

Last year Jason Kalsow scored the winning shot with 0.5 on the game clock. This year they won by the biggest margin in the NCAA national championship history, beating Rochester with the score of 73 to 49. The Pointers' toughest tournament win was against Trinity College.

But in Jason Kalsow's 4 year Pointer career he became the all time leading scorer. Nick Bennet almost got to be second by 3 points but he occupied third place.

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