Tornado Warning
Jenny, Age 11, Tallahassee, FL

"Wait for me!" my best friend Elisabeth called. We were running so hard that we had been out of breath for a long time. However, we couldn't stop in fear of not getting to our storm cellar in time.

You see, there was a tornado warning here in Tallahassee, Florida, and the tornado was only a few miles away from us! We were extremely nervous, because we had never been in a tornado before, except when we had been very little, and we couldn't remember that so we had no idea what to expect!

We finally made it to my house, where Elisabeth was staying for the week because her parents had gone on a business trip. We both collapsed on the floor, gasping for breath. When we had finally regrouped ourselves, we climbed down into the cellar, where my other was waiting for us.

"Thank goodness you are alright!" My mother exclaimed, relieved. She had a battery operated radio and a flashlight with her, so we could know where the tornado was at all times and know when it would be safe to come out of the storm cellar.

We listened tensely to the radio, waiting for news. Hopefully, good news. Finally, we heard what we had all been waiting for and hoping to hear. The tornado was past us, and nothing in our house even was damaged! We were the happiest we had ever been in our entire life, just glad and relieved to be safe. We all hoped that we will never experience something as nerve-wracking as that for the rest of our lives!

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