The Two Birds
Sophia, Age 8, Kamsack, SK

Dedicated to Mom and Dad

Once upon a time there was a bird named Greg who liked flying all day long. He was a strong bird! Whenever he was flying he tried to get a girlfriend in his claws, but he never could.

Then one day he was sitting with his friend talking about how to get a girlfriend. Greg chose this friend because he had a girlfriend, but sad Greg didn’t. So he asked his friend for some information on how to get a girlfriend. His friend told him that you have to be rich to get a girlfriend.

So Greg tried to get lots of money, but his boss said only $20.00 an hour. So Greg worked until 4:00 then he went for coffee at the bakery. Just when Greg was about to drink the last bit of coffee his friend walked in with his girlfriend and sat down at the table in front of Greg. Greg’s friend Billy didn’t even notice that Greg was there so Greg snuck a peek over the seat and saw them kissing. Greg thought, “I have to get someone prettier than that!”

Greg went back to his seat and wondered who he could ask out. He asked his mom and dad if they knew anybody, but they were no help.

Greg decided to move to Hollywood. His friend, Billy, was not happy that he moved, but a man has to do what he has to do!

Greg got a car, and it was a convertible so he thought that he might get a girlfriend! Somehow Greg found someone.

Greg found a girlfriend when he was at a restaurant that he worked at. It was a beautiful restaurant. Greg was working at the restaurant when Jana came in. Jana sat down at a table. Then Greg came to take Jana’s order and they met eye to eye. Greg sat down at the same table as Jana and said, “Hello!”

Jana said, “Hi!”

Greg asked her if he could eat with her because he was done work. Jana said, “Okay!” That was their first date. They had five dates and then Greg asked Jana if she would marry him. She said, “Yes!”

Two years later Jana had a boy named Ike. That boy was chubby, but he still could crawl. At the age of six months he still had more poopy diapers. Greg was the one to change the diapers and every bird knows how stinky that would be!

Jana got a job at the bird school. She was busy!

Two years later when Ike was two, Jana had a girl named Sophie. She was a little cute girl. Sophie had a very weird smile. Greg and Jana had a game they liked to play with their kids. It was called Pooh Sticks. Pooh Sticks is a game where you need a tree to play and teddy bears. You throw the teddies down the tree and someone has to be at the bottom of the tree to throw them back up. It is just for fun!

Two years later they had a boy named Hank. He was chubby just like his brother Ike, but a little bit cuter. They still liked to play Pooh Sticks. Then two years later they had a little girl named Meg. She had six feathers on one wing instead of five, but she was still the cutest of them all!

Greg and Jana were happy with all their children. They had a very happy life!

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