The Yak
Stephen, Age 8, Kamsack, SK

One day on the prairies there was a yak. He was a big shaggy yak that smelled stinky! The yak’s name was Bill.

One day Bill was in a field eating grass. It was a field with a couple of trees and some flowers.

Then all of a sudden a bee stung Bill on the nose so he chased the bee. It went to its hive. Moments later all the bees came out of the hive and started chasing Bill.

Bill saw a brook nearby so he jumped in it and the bees left. “Phew!” said Bill. “That was a close one!”

On his way back to the field he ran into a bear. The bear said, “You can’t go through my woods.”

Bill said, “I challenge you to a wrestling match.”

The bear agreed, climbed a tree, and then jumped on Bill. Bill bucked him off and knocked him unconscious. Then Bill ran through the woods.

Bill carried on towards the field of grass when he saw the beehive with the bees that chased him earlier. The bees saw him so he ran straight to his field. The bees did not chase him. What a relief!

Bill made it back to his field and ate grass peacefully!

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