Battle of a Different Darkness
Hannah, Age 14, Red Lake, ON

The sharp cutting edge of the sword slightly pierced the fragile neck skin of Goji. Her long, flowing dark green hair, with a lighter shade of green bangs, shifted in the light breeze as fear fluttered within her heavy heart. The pressure of the blade lightened as the man, wielding the sword, backed off somewhat. Goji was kneeling down on the damp grass, beside a middle-aged oak tree. The leaves and branches of the semi-ancient tree hung over her and the enemy. She couldn’t stand up and defend herself from the enemy as her wrists and ankles were bound by some kind of magical chains. These chains glowed with an evil and destructive aura. This power came from the man suspending the blade at Goji’s neck. “She may be protected from death, but you sure aren’t!” The man bellows to another as he stepped back from Goji. This other man was broad and well built, as he was the guardian of Goji. He stood a few feet away from them. Shoru’s blade retreated off Goji’s neck. He then launched, with a strong kick off the ground, toward this other man. With swiftness and power, he hurled his blade around. The other man dodged the assault, but not enough to get missed completely. Blaze Inferno gazed upon the sight of the tip of Shoru’s blade, sheering through the material of his armor. With a wince, Blaze placed a hand over his chest plate where the material was cut. A small trickle of blood exuded from the gap in the armor. Shoru’s blade could slice through every material ever made. Nothing much could stand against it-except the Dragon-Goji.

Upon gripping his sword tighter, Blaze regained his balance and propelled forward to slash with mighty power. Metal clashed. Shoru’s blade was strongly resisting against the force of Blaze. Blaze gave a glare of determination.

“I won’t die till my promise is fulfilled!” he bellowed with a deep and confident voice. Force was added against Shoru as the blades screeched.

“Then you’ll die of old age.” Shoru stated a hopeful prediction of his. The two stepped back and forth, in a struggle to take the other down. With a great forceful shove, Shoru diverted Blaze. His blade lacerated at Blaze. With a jerky movement, Blaze moved back from the swinging blade and stayed a few feet away from Shoru. His gaze switched from Shoru, to his sword, and then at Goji-knelt and stared at the ground in pity.

Goji’s hands twitched with agony as the chains pinched her delicate skin. As her sixth sense came into play, she felt the gaze of Blaze upon her. She looked up in return of the gaze.

“I must…help him.” A mumble slipped from her lips as she gathered the tidbits of energy left in effort to stand. Her knees quickly gave in and she landed back on the ground where she started. A dark evil presence filled her mind as her eyes’ pure shine turned crimson red. A growl rumbled at the back of her throat as darkness began to sink into her mind and heart. This came to Shoru’s attention and he glanced briefly at her with a mystified look.

Shoru turned his gaze back at Blaze as he knew why Goji was acting this way, whereas Blaze was a tidbit more confused.

With a brief thought, Blaze shifted his sword around so now the blade pointed towards the earth. Gripping with two hands, Blaze had put much force into stabbing the earth with the sharp blade. As he released the handle, the sword stood in the ground-more than less straight.

On the other side, Shoru widened his eyes as he saw the actions of Blaze. He wondered what he was up to but wouldn’t wait for an explanation to come to him. Shoru darted towards Goji when suddenly; a burst of fire burned from the sword and began to trail between Goji and Shoru, crossing his path. He was stopped by this wall of fire and sent a death-sentencing glare at Blaze.

“Come and fight Pretty Boy…” Shoru taunted him with his babyish nickname.

Blaze ignored Shoru’s threatening glare and walked slowly towards the kneeling Goji, not making eye contact but rather, he examined the chains. As Blaze approached the young adult, Goji looked up at him with confusion clouding her eyes along with the darkness in her heart.

Shoru’s anger and rage began to build up. He could not let them get away this time. He must defeat them. Taking a few steps back, Shoru held up his sword with the blade pointing at the fire barrier. He transferred a small amount of energy into the sword to produce a water tornado. Water materialized from the blade and swirls around it. The spiral of violent water shot out toward Blaze. As the water collides with the fire, smoke and steam rose. A rainbow barrier underneath was revealed.

Blaze had let out an amused laugh before looking at Goji. Memories flooded his mind of the day when they were under this very same barrier before.


It was a crystal clear night and Goji and Blaze were stranded on a deserted island with no survival equipment. They had nothing but their weapons and themselves. Blaze had let Goji borrow his dry shirt as they had just come out of the water. Tension grew in the air as the echo of distant howling of wolves travel there and beyond. A pack of wolves materialized from the surrounding water. The wolves could not proceed. A barrier, created by Blaze, stopped the creatures from nearing them. There was something different about Blaze. It wasn’t Blaze. It was another side of his personality. Goji figured it was another spirit living within him. The barrier had been weakened and a wolf attacked Goji from behind. A loud scream left her lungs.


A smirk grew on Blaze’s face as he sat down beside Goji. He then glimpsed at his rainbow barrier.

“Ya gotta try better than that.” Blaze turned his amused gaze at Shoru.

Goji looked at Blaze in confusion as he sat beside her.

“What are you doing…?” Goji asked him only to receive silence from him.

Shoru’s anger rose once again as he tightly gripped his sword. With his mighty strength, he hacked the blade at the barrier. With no surprise, his assault backfired and he stumbled back. Shoru regained his balance and glanced at his bleeding hands. A grin spread across his face as he raised his blade into the air. Lightning bolts charge down around them. Shoru yelled in an evil tone.

“I call upon the essence of the Eagle-Goji!!!” Suddenly, with his voice echoed beyond the surrounding forest, a shriek came over the mountains. A great shadow rose from behind the mountain peek and took form of a giant eagle. Goji and Blaze stared up at the great creature. Goji’s body began to quiver in fear in the godly presence.

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