Sarah's Stars

Amelia Lau Carling. Sawdust Carpets
Groundwood  $16.95  ISBN 088899625X  28 pg.
Reviewed by Sammy, Age 10

"The colour of Holy Week is purple. That's why Mami sold so many yards of violet cloth during the Easter season."

The book that I reviewed, Sawdust Carpets, is about a Chinese family that builds sawdust carpets for celebrations. It gives the reader a taste for Chinese culture during Holy Week. Once I started the book I could not wait to find out what the carpets would look like.

The cover design is very beautiful due to the colours that the illustrator used. The title page invites the readers into the book, and the text is appropriate to the subject matter. I hope everyone else likes the book as much as I did.

This reviewer gives Sawdust Carpets  3.5 stars.


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