The Sea Dragon
Claire, Age 7, New Westminster, BC

Once upon a time there lived a sea dragon. He lived in a cave. The cave was under the water. He was a nice sea dragon but he had no friends. He was very sad. The sea dragon was reading a book. But then he saw a lamp in the book. The lamp popped out of the book.  t said, "Rub." So the sea dragon rubbed the lamp.

A sea dragon genie came out of the lamp and he said, "Oi. Ten thousand years can give you a crick in the neck." The sea dragon said, "what's your name?" The genie said, "My name is Joey." The other sea dragon said, "My name is Max."

So Max and Joey set off to play in Max's backyard. But then they saw a portal. They went into the portal. Then they were in the sea of China but they wanted to be home where they belonged. Max said, "Joey I wish we were home." But Joey said, "I can't do it." Max said, "Why not? "  Because I don't have the magic to do it," said Joey. "Why donít you?" Max asked. "Because I have to earn it to get it," said Joey.

"Why can't you try it?" Max asked. "My master took us here.  ook there's the portal.  It's in the river. Let's catch it," said Joey. "Wait.  Joey remember we have to avoid these sharks." Max said.  "No we don't." said Joey. "We don't because I can fly over these maniacs," said Joey.

So Joey flew over those maniacs carrying Max with him. But there was a bad guy so Max blew fire at him. And the bad guy fainted. Then another bad guy appeared so Joey blew him away. Then Max said, ďThatís teamwork.Ē So we both went back into the portal back to our home.

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