My Trip to Florida
Adrian, Age 10, Mableton, GA

"Can we go to Florida?" I asked. I was sitting next to my friend David in his room playing a video game. It was fun going to Florida with David, Chris and their father and their mother. We went to Florida the next day. We were on our way to Florida. Mr. Miller said, “Does anybody need to go to the bathroom before we get to Florida?" I was the only one who said I needed to go. We stopped at a rest stop in Georgia to use the restroom and to get snacks. After we left the rest stop, we were on our way to Florida.

We were riding in a GMC truck. There was a lot of T.V. s in the truck. There was a T.V. in the front were Mr. and Mrs. Miller sat.  There was a T.V. in the back were I sat with David and Chris. We watched Dragon Ball GT on the way to Florida.

Then we saw a sign with an exit number. It had food and gas there too. They had a Chinese restaurant too. But we didn’t need to go there. We had already got gas and eaten. Then we saw a sign that said, Welcome to Florida! This is the place where Universal Studios was.

When we got to Florida, it was dark, so we found a hotel. The name was 8 Hotel.  We slid the card in the lock to open the door. And we went in and went to bed. The trip to Florida was fun and I was tired and excited going to sleep that night because I knew we would be going to Universal Studios the next morning.

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