The Girlfriends
Abigail, Age 10, Mableton, GA

One day I was happy because I was going to the mall with my friends Jasmine and Gracie. Jasmine’s father gave her 30 dollars for the mall. Gracie’s father gave her 40 dollars for the mall. My father gave me 50 dollars for the mall.  First we went to the pet shop to see the puppy, then I said, “let’s go to Clair's to buy makeup.” Then we went to buy clothes.  We bought a lot of clothes.

Then Jasmine said, “I am hungry, I know that we can eat Taco Bell, I said, “Yes, said Jasmine, Let’s go there to eat.

Then I said I would rather go to see the movie “Bad Girls" and buy popcorn and coke. Everyone decided that the movies was a good idea, so that’s what we did. After the movie we went home.

Jasmine called me later that day and said, “Let’s go to the beach on Friday. “Ok,” I said, but tell Gracie OK”. Then I called Gracie after I stop talking to Jasmine and I told her we were going to the beach on Friday.  “OK”, said Gracie. It was Friday we got our stuff for the beach. We had a fun at the beach swimming and playing volleyball. I really enjoy being with my friends Gracie and Jasmine.

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