Haunted Island
Krishna, Age 9, Woodbridge, ON

One sunny morning my friends, Kase and Mary, and I were wondering what to do. Then Mary said, "Itís the perfect day for a boat ride." We all said, "O.K." So we went to ask for a boat. John gave us a boat. He said, "Get in the boat and Iíll get your oars." But after he left the rope snapped.

Before we knew it we were sailing solo. We tried to yell for help but nobody heard us. We were on the boat for hours and hours and hours. We couldnít stay awake. We fell asleep. We woke up on a mysterious island. Our boat was nowhere in sight. We were all looking for help.

Then Kase said, "Iím hungry." I said, "Everybody is hungry." Then she saw a banana. She reached for it and got it. By the time she got the banana, Mary and I were gone. Mary said, "Hey! Where is Kase? Oh great! We lost her."

While we were searching for help, Mary and I saw a house. It was very small. So we opened the door. There was a huge ghost town behind the door. I stepped inside. A ghost car almost crashed into us. The ghost man said "Hey! Watch out you two ghost kids!" Everybody stepped out of their cars and yelled, "Humans! Humans!"

Well, I fainted. Mary woke me up. I said, "Where am I?" "Weíre in jail!" answered Mary. "Jail? For What?" I yelled. "For being humans." Mary answered. Then all of a sudden a light shot at us, we turned into black cats. The star said, "You can turn into cats when ever you need to." We said, "Thanks." We got through the jail bars so easily. Then Mary and I looked for Kase.

We found her in jail room 199. Then we got her out. Kase asked, "How did you turn into cats?" "Long story." I said. "Come on. Letís go!" Then we snuck out. Our powers were gone.

Then Kase said, "Iím still hungry!" I said, "Letís find some bananas or coconuts." After eating we sat and thought for a way to get back home. Then all of a sudden we heard something in the bushes. We were all kind of scared. Suddenly a baby unicorn popped out of the bushes. "Wow! A baby unicorn!" we all thought. The baby unicorn was lost and couldnít find her mother. We all searched for her mother. Then we found her. The mother said, "Thank you for finding my baby. How can I ever repay you?" "Well could you help us get home?" we asked. "Sure!" she said.

Then she took us home. We said, "Thank you very much." She replied, "No. It was my pleasure." I went inside. "Mom! Mom! I missed you." I yelled. "Oh! Where were you? Everybody was out searching for you," she said. "We went for a boat ride, but then the string snapped. We all got stranded on a mysterious island. Thatís what happened." "Oh really?" my mom replied. "Yes, Mom, Yes." "Well, its time for bed." she suggested. "O.K. Good night mom", I said. "Good night dear." she replied. I had wonderful dreams that night.

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