Kristin, Age 14, Robstown, TX

My daddy is in heaven but I need him here today,
my heart is hurting, daddy I need you right away

I don't know where to find him, is he in this book?
can you help me find him, I don't know where to look!

I wonder where heaven is or how long it will be
I wonder if it really is way across the sea.

Daddy you have been there way to long, you need to come home now.
I would write you a letter but simply don't know how.

I think mommy needs you at night, she cries and says your name
if only she knew I do the very same.

I miss your hugs, kisses and songs
I need to see you daddy, and don't care for how long

Daddy why did you leave me, I am still very small
why don't you spend time, time to just call.

Daddy please visit me soon before we drift apart .
Remember daddy you are always in my heart!
     I love you!!!

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