The Toronto Blue Jays Go to the Pennant
Matthew, Age 11, Kleinburg, ON

One early morning all the people started to practice for the big baseball game. The weather was sunny and very hot.

The baseball diamond was very big. The game was being played in the first baseball field that was built in 1949 in New York. That is why the field was so big.

The Boston Red Sox where the visiting team and the Toronto Blue Jays were the home team. So the game got started. The Jays went up to bat first. By the fourth inning the Jays were losing by 2 runs. Suddenly the best catcher on the Blue Jays' team got hurt. One of the Red Sox hit a pop fly and it hit him in the hand.

So there were 3 outs for Red Sox. The Blue Jays started to catch up. The score was 9 to 8 for the Blue Jays. There were 3 innings left in the pennant game.  By the 9th inning the score was 12 to 12. There was one last chance for the Jays to score a run. Vernon Wells was up to bat. Vernon Wells is a good player because he keeps his eye on the ball. He hit the ball. It flew and hit an outfielder in the head.

The Jays hit a home run. The Toronto Blue Jays were the winning team. The score was 13 to 12. It was the second time the Blue Jays had won the pennant.

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