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David A. Poulsen. Last Sam's Cage
Key Porter  $15.95  ISBN 1-894917-15-4  222 pg.
Reviewed by Rebecca, Age 13

April 19, evening. Last night I escaped ...

Iíve got a place picked out to sleep in. Itís a storage shed where they keep equipment and stuff. I checked it out a little while ago. It was locked, but getting in was easy. I doubt if the security guards bother with the place, and even if they do I can hide behind some of the junk thatís piled up in there. It should be okay, at least for a few nights.

Last Samís Cage is a poignant and moving story full of loss, emotion, meaning, and struggle. Fifteen-year-old Eddie Slater seeks freedom when he runs away from his home, leaving his depressed mother and abusive stepfather. During the time spent at this strange destination, between writing in his journal and getting up to mischief, he becomes acquainted with Jack Simm. Jack finds out the ins and outs of Eddieís life, and soon, Eddie discovers why he sees Jack so much, lurking around and about, watching, waiting. Eddie ends up learning a lot more about Jack than he wanted to; everything changes as lives tangle in this addicting read.

David A. Poulsen, the author of Last Samís Cage, is a multi-talented man that resides in the Alberta Foothills west of Claresholm, Alberta. He has written many adult novels, young adult novels and picture books over the years. He began writing in 1984 with his short story, The Welcominí, winner of the Alberta Culture Short Story Writing Competition. He has written many other books, some of which were nominated for a variety of book awards. His other books include: The Hunk Machine, Tractor Trouble, The Vampireís Visit, Billy and the Bearman, Ride the High Country, Donít Fence Me In, Dream and The Cowboy Kid. Last Samís Cage is a young adult novel with 222 pages that I would recommend for readers no younger than grade 8.

Overall, Last Samís Cage was a brilliant page-turner that kept me literally glued to my seat eagerly awaiting the next exhilarating part. I finished this book so quickly; I was at a loss, mostly because I wanted there to be more! Last Samís Cage was probably one of my favourite books ever, but beware, if you canít handle anything disturbing, this book isnít for you! I give this novel 5 stars.


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