Life Story of Annelise De Winter
Dan, Age 13, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Annelise De Winter was the daughter of Frank Saunders and Francesca De Winter.

Francesca was a professional ballet dancer and Frank was a well known inventor. Being the daughter of two famous people was a reputation quite hard to live up to. Annelise was only 12, but had lived in a mansion all her life and she was destined to spend the rest of her life living in luxury.

Annelise had very few friends, always a loner. At home, at school, wherever she went people knew her as the daughter of Frank and Francesca, never as Annelise De Winter.

It seemed as if she had no personality of her own, no unique talents to make her known as herself.

She was sick and tired of always being in the shadows wherever she went.

Then she started creating stories, stories for young and old. She was quite a talent too. Her first story was called "My Life in the Shadows". It captured her thoughts and emotions, since her early ages living in the shadows.

She gave a copy to the servants and it was quite a hit. No one knew that she had only recounted her life story and she never told anyone either.

That's when it all started. One of the servants felt that Annelise had a great talent and sent her story to a publisher.

To Annelise's great surprise, she received a letter in the mail one day, saying that her story was going to be published in hard cover and sold in all the book shops. Annelise was totally bewildered. Of course it was a great thrill to have your story published but she didn't know what to do about it.

When she told her parents, they didn't believe her.

Proving them wrong, in the next month every book shop nearby was selling a copy of Annelise's book.

Since then Annelise has written many more books and has become a world famous author.

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