Lightning Bolts
Nicholas, Age 9, Kleinburg, ON

Once there was a team of six. The team's name was Lightning Bolts. They were not very good but they usually lost by only 2 to 4 goals. The people on the team were really funny. The people’s names were Jack, Travis, Nish, Sarah, Michael, and Michel.

The season had just started. It was the first game. It was a tie, the Lightning Bolts shot the puck on net, but it hit the crossbar, hit the goalie's back and went in the net. The other team scored in the top corner. It was a tie game.

They went to celebrate the tie game. The team went to celebrate it at the ice cream store. Mmm! Mmm!

Then there was a tournament. They had to win at least 5 games. The first game was against the Werewolves. Dumm! Dumm! Dumm! They won the game 5 to 4. Travis scored the winning goal. He came on a breakaway and scored.

The second and third games they won by one goal. At the end of the tournament they won all the games. Then they started the playoffs. They were in third place in the playoffs. There was one game left. They had won all the games before this one. The final game started. The Lightning Bolts came down to the attackers' zone. Jack shot the puck into the top corner. Scored!

It stayed 1 to 0 through the second and third periods. They had won the game. They were going to the Stanley Cup! They went to celebrate at the football game.

Four hours passed and the game was in a half an hour. So they started to get ready for the big game.

The referee dropped the puck. The opposite team won the faceoff. The team that had the puck made five shots on net and finally scored. Then it was time for the second period. Jack shot and scored. It was 1-all. Finally with one minute left in the third period, Jack came on a breakaway. He shot! The puck hit the crossbar. Nish got the rebound and scored! BEEEEP! Goal! The Lightning Bolts won the Stanley Cup. The players lived happily ever after.

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