Locked In!
Radhika, Age 11, Woodbridge, ON

One dark and stormy night in P.E.I., four kids named Lindsay, Steve, Megan, and Anthony, were riding their bikes home, when all of a sudden it started to rain. A little drizzle at first, but it got harder. They couldnít see anything. Anthony was a smart kid and said, "We should find a place to stay until the rain clears up." They rode for a couple of minutes. Then out of nowhere came a mysterious house that they had never seen before. Lindsay exclaimed, "We should go there!" "No, itís too scary, it gives me the shivers just looking at it," said Megan in a small voice. "Donít be such a scaredy cat!" Steve exclaimed. "Itís so big and creepy. It probably has creepy steps and ghosts," said Megan. "Ghosts! Donít be silly Megan!" shouted Lindsay. "There is no such thing." "Come on!" yelled Steve, "If you guys want to stay alive, then I suggest you come in." "He has a major point," said Anthony. "Weíre right behind you!" yelled Lindsay.

They walked up the creaky stairs and knocked on the door. They waited for a while. "Oh! Look! Nobody's home. Letís turn back," wailed Megan. "Nobody will mind if we stay here for a while," said Steve. The children slowly opened the door. "Wow! I donít think anyone has been here for a long, long time," exclaimed Anthony. "Hey, look up there," said Lindsay. It was a picture of a young handsome man. He was very elegant. He looked very firm. "I think he was the owner of the house," said Anthony. "Freaky!" shouted Steve.

Then "Slam!!" The door shut tight. "Weíre locked in!" cried Megan. "Mu ha ha ha! Iím the ghost of this house. Iíve locked up all the doors and windows". "Weíre trapped!" they all yelled. "Yes. Yes you are. You kids shall never make it out alive. Mu ha ha ha!" and the voice disappeared with a flash.

"What was that?" cried Steve. "Apparently it was the owner!" said Anthony. "I told you. I told you we shouldnít have come in here. It was a bad mistake, but nooooo you just had to come!" said Megan who was almost out of breath. "Megan! Megan, just relax," exclaimed Lindsay. "Relax? Relax? How can I relax when weíre locked in a creepy house with a guy saying weíre not going to make it out alive?" shouted Megan.

"Ummm. Well. Why donít we all split up and look for away out?" said Steve calmly. "Anthony, do you still have those walkie-talkies I gave you?" asked Lindsay. "Yeah, I sure do! Why?" he replied. "Well, we could use them to communicate". Anthony handed them out. "O.K. Everyone ready?" asked Steve. "Yeah!" exclaimed everyone. "Then letís move." said Steve.

They all started to explore the house. They checked every window, but there didnít seem to be any way out. "Did anyone find anything?" "No!" everyone yelled. "Huh? Hey! Whatís going on? Go away and leave me alone! Help!" "Anthony! Anthony what happened man, you there?" asked Steve. "Oh no! What do we do?" cried Megan through the walkie-talkie. "Just stay calm guys!" said Steve. "Just be careful."

A while after, Lindsay screamed, "Help! No! Help someone please! Ahhhh!". "Lindsay, you there?" cried Megan. "Donít worry," said Steve, " Weíll be alright. Just think of happy thoughts." "O.K." said Megan in a small voice.

They kept walking for about an hour. "Hey! What? Leave me alone! Please!" yelled Steve. "Steve! Steve! You there? Oh, no! This isnít good. Iím alone, all alone." Megan said. Then the owner of the house said, "Youíll never get out alive". "Please, sir, donít hurt my friends." But no one answered. As the voice was speaking Megan heard the voice coming from down the hall. Megan was about to turn back but then the little voice, in her head, was telling her that she had to save her friends. So she turned around and walked slowly into the dark halls.

As she got closer, she saw her friends and the ghost. "Soon, you shall all turn into ghosts! Mu ha ha ha!" Anthony was the first. From behind the wall, Megan finally got the courage to say, "Hey! You leave my friends alone!" "Megan!" everyone shouted.

Then Megan did something incredible. She jumped over the ghost and pushed the button, which released her friends. They ran all the way to the open back door. Then the ghost appeared and said, "You shall be mine!" Steve took out the flashlight and shone it on the ghost. While the ghost was blinded by the light, the kids ran out.

"Nice work, Anthony!" they all said. "Thanks" he replied. "Actually, we should really thank Megan." said Lindsay. "Sheís the real hero. Without you we would all be ghosts". "It was no big deal," said Megan.

The next day when the kids came back the house was gone.

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