Looking for Life
Dawnn, Age 13, Greenville, SC

...And I looked into the eyes. The eyes that blazed with the fires of hatred, hatred for the world. The world like a thief that took his parents. The world that turned him expressionless & cold as ice. For him it was a never-ending nightmare  from which he could not be awakened. For him there was nothing to live for. There was no trace of hope that once burned within him. Like a candle it flickered out and died. He laughed at those who held on to life's treasures and pitied none. He would never love again for he had no feeling. Love to him was lost and to never be found. A family is what he needed. A home is what he desired, but on that day he labeled everyone as a traitor. On that day the inevitable truth could not be denied and his soul lost love, hope, & happiness.

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