The Magic Leaf
Olivia, Age 8, Woodbridge, ON

One rainy morning in the jungle of Madagascar, in the year 1785, there lived a family. In the jungle there were lots of noises. A frog was croaking and the snakes were slithering. The crocodiles were chomping. The leaves had a trickling of water on them. The air was rainy and damp.

In the middle of the jungle was a cottage with a family. The family had one boy, two girls, a mom, and a dad. The two girls' names were Olivia and Melissa. They were four years old. Melissa was older than Olivia by five minutes, even though they were twins. They also had a dog, named Jack, who had a black spot on his back.

The girls went for a walk in the jungle. A leaf went into the nose of one of the girls. It was a magic leaf from a different dimension. This leaf made people invisible. History says that a group of men have been after it for 20 centuries.

All of a sudden she disappeared. She went into the leafís dimension, which was like a big black world with one star. Her sister finally cracked a code on a tree that was from the same dimension as the leaf. She contacted a lizard that was in the leaf to help get her sister back.

Then an alarm went off and the leaf exploded and her sister reappeared.

When they came back to the cottage, their mom was mad. She was mad because when they left, they went through the window. Their mom didnít know where they were. Their mom was scared, angry, and disappointed with the girls. Their punishment was to make butter and bread. The girls worked hard making butter sandwiches for dinner.

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