Doesn't Everybody Matter?
Ariel, Age 14, Reeds Spring, MO

I'm not a loner
nor a stoner
not a geek
nor a suckup
I may think about suicide
maybe even homicide
I'm just in high school
doesn't everybody matter
I'm not mental
I don't live in the central
I have a home
not a life
I don't live alone
but it feels like it
not abused
but hurt
it's not my fault
so leave me alone
walk away
but not too far
I'm not prejudice
don't have pride
I have a call
but not a burden
doesn't everybody matter
from the little
to the big
Is it death
or is it life
Fall asleep
be awake
laugh out loud
or be a loner
but doesn't everybody matter
life maybe hard
but live it through
let it sail
like love on the water
doesn't everybody matter?

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