My Monster's Mansion
Francesco, Age 7, Bolton, ON

One foggy day of doom, there was a mansion with webs on the floor. In the mansion there was a "serial spooker".

There were eyes watching all over the place. The "Serial Spooker" was the king of ghosts. The "serial spooker" did not eat good people, only robbers. The "serial spooker" gave money to the good people. He gave money to be nice and kind. The good people were rich.

Suddenly a magic star turned him into a troll. The star was from Neptune. The magic star turned him into a troll so he could beat the spiders.

The spiders came through the window and there was company inside. The good people were attacked by the spiders. They smashed all the windows. They had a great fight.

Then the troll came to the mansion to rescue them. In the end the troll won. The robbers saw what happened and they got scared. They decided to not come back.

The "Serial Spooker", who was also the troll, fed the good people and took care of them until they were old. They all had a great time in the mansion.

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