The Paper that Cried 'Pen'
Annie, Age 10, Cedar Rapids, IA

Once, a long time ago there was a piece of paper named Slice. He was such a sneak and he just loved to trick other pieces of paper. One day he decided to pull the thing he called “The GREATEST prank in the whole entire paper world.” (To us it would just be a really dumb thing.) OK, are you ready? Here is what he did:

“Pen, Pen there’s a pen!” he screamed across the block. Every piece of paper came rushing over to where Slice was.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! You really thought there was a pen here? Come on!”

“Hey, someday there WILL be a pen and we won’t come," another piece of paper said angrily.

“Yeah right, like I really believe that. Ha yeah right,said Slice.

“You know, you should,the same piece of paper said. And everybody left with those last words.

The next day there really WAS a pen and everybody knew it because oh boy they were watching very closely. All of a sudden they hear this:

“Pen, Pen there’s a pen!” Slice was very surprised that he didn’t believe the other guy so he blurted out these words:

“I am sorry I didn’t believe you!” he shouted out and with those words every piece of paper came rushing out and saved Slice! How? I don’t know but anyway they lived happily ever after.

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