Phantom of Nechako School
Raymond, Age 13, Kitamaat Village, BC

One day at Nechako School Mr. A asked Ray, Gordon, Cody, Tom, Lindsey and Darren to stay after school to decorate the classroom for the Spring Fling Party. By the time school was over the six students got ready for the decorating. While they were decorating Mr. A asked Cody to go get the balloons in the office.

When Cody got down to the office he saw  that they were the only seven people in the school and he thought it was a bit scary. When Cody spotted the balloons the power went out. So Cody grabbed the balloons and started to run. When he reached the stairs he saw a figure walking toward him with a knife.

Cody couldn’t see who the figure was because the figure was dressed in black and he was wearing a hood so he couldn’t see the figures face. The figure smelled like stinky cheese. While Mr. A and the rest of the class were decorating with flash lights they heard Cody’s cry for help.  Mr.A said “You guys stay here and Lindsey stop eating cheese and help the other students decorate.

When Mr. A reached the staircase he could smell stinky cheese. Mr. A was calling for Cody but Cody didn’t respond. While the students were decorating in the classroom they heard Mr. A scream. It sounded like a little girl when a spider would crawl on your shoulder. Then the students flash lights burnt out. It was a good thing Ray keeps some extra batteries. When Ray got his flash light working. They saw Tom's body on the floor of the classroom. All the remaining students ran out of the classroom and down the stairs. They tried to open the emergency exit but it was locked. The phantom locked the door. Darren said “ Let's split up I’ll go check the grade six, seven doors, Ray go check the grade four five doors and Gordon go check the main entrance doors. When they all split up Ray saw the phantom run up to Gordon and kill him. Ray quietly walked upstairs and went to go check up on Darren but Ray was to late the phantom got him too.

Ray ran to the classroom but before Ray could  turn the doorknob the phantom stabbed Ray in the back.

When the phantom entered the classroom he saw Lindsey with a sword. The phantom took off his hood and it was Mr. G. Mr. G took out a sword too. They both started to have a sword fight. But they both knocked each others sword out of their hands. Lindsey called the police and the ambulance and they rescued the kids. It had been a long and scary night.

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