Recipe for Success
Colin, Age 12, Vancouver, BC

1 person
A handful of friends
A bunch of supportive souls
3 cups of encouragement
1 cup of hope
4 tablespoons of determination
1 teaspoon of persistence
2 cups of optimism
6 cups of perseverance
3 spoons of endurance
Some goals
A handful of dreams

First, mix together all friends, family members, and supportive souls, to help you during the process. Then, stir in goals and dreams. Add more goals or dreams if any at all. If you have another one during the process, you can add it in anytime you want. Then, fold in determination. When facing problems, stir in persistence, perseverance, and endurance. Keep on stirring these in, until all problems are solved. When all lights go out, add in optimism and hope. If this doesnít work, turn to your friends, families, and supportive souls for a cup of encouragement. If you donít see them at first, donít worry they are always beside you. Once all lights have been turned on again, put it into the oven and bake for a while. You will know when itís done, when you feel that you have changed, and you feel proud of what you have accomplished! At this point, you will finally know that anything is accomplishable in the world!

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