Sally Get Out of the Shower
Jacklynn, Age 8, Kleinburg, ON

One sunny day there was a little girl that had three brothers. One of her brothers left the bathroom door unlocked while inside. So, she crawled into the bathroom. When he came out he didnít see her. So she crawled into the shower and turned on the tap and started.

She loved the shower because it was nice and refreshing. Every day her mother would come in and say, "Sally get out of the shower!". After several months she was as shriveled as a raisin. And she has missed her party because she was in the shower. Most importantly, her brothers stank.

One day when she was sleeping in the shower, her brothers grabbed her and tucked her in bed. When she woke up, she said "Mom! Dad!" They ran to her room and said, "What?" "Iím not in the shower. Aaaaaaah!" I screamed. "Donít scream!" said her parents. "You have several presents downstairs." "Why?" I asked. "You missed all of your parties." Said her mom.

So she went downstairs and opened all of her presents. She tore and tore and tore, until all the presents were open. But the family had a problem. They were lucky enough to get Sally out of the shower, but the presents were all bath toys. And Sally said, "I want to play in the shower!"

The family had an idea. Sallyís grandparents were the only people in her family that didnít have a shower. They couldnít send her to her cousinís house because they had a shower. So they sent her to her grandparents' house.

And the plan was that Sally would not shower. She would stay with her grandparents until she liked to stay out of the shower, then they would send her back home. But of course her parents would always miss Sally, so sometimes they would come and visit.

They only would have parties at Sallyís grandparents' house because if they had a party at her cousinís house, Sally would sneak into the shower at all times.

Finally, Sallyís grandparents sent Sally back home. She had learned to only take a shower once in a while.

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