Sarah's Stars

Amelia Lau Carling. Sawdust Carpets
Groundwood  $16.95  ISBN 088899625X  28 pg.
Reviewed by Katie, Age 10

"At the thunder of a great big drum, pon ... pon ... pon ... the cucurchos lifted a huge wooden platform onto their shoulders." A family goes to visit their relatives and gets to experience a bit of Chinese culture by making a beautiful Sawdust Carpet.

The picture book that I reviewed is called Sawdust Carpets, written and illustrated by Amelia Lau Carling. Amelia was born in Guatemala. Her books are based on when she was growing up. She now lives in New York. Also, Amelia has written Mama and Papa Have a Store.

Without the illustrations, this book would not be as interesting. The illustrations invite you into the events. The designs are very beautiful. It makes me want to go to China and make my own enchanted carpet. The pages aren't cluttered with words.

I think the book was a bit boring for my age group, so I would recommend this book to readers aged four to eight. It was an interesting topic, but better for a younger reader. I hope anyone who reads this book will enjoy it as much, or more than I did.

I'd give Amelia Lau Carling’s picture book, Sawdust Carpets, 3 stars.


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