The Snowing Day
Varinder, Age 11, Mableton, GA

One cold day I woke up, I took a shower, and watched T.V. Then I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and it was my friend Casey.  He sits ahead of me. He is a nice boy and sometimes he starts to sing songs. Casey is funny and he makes me laugh. He told me that it was snowing outside. Then I looked and I went with him. We made a snowman, We played snowball fight and collect all the snow and jumped into the snow.

Then my mom called me and said, “Come inside, it's cold outside!” So I had to go and my friend had to go too. Then I played PS2. After that I played with my remote control car. Then I was bored. I called my friend who lived in my neighborhood. His name is Jason. Then I told him on the phone I said, “Come to my house and play PS2.” He said, “OK!”

Then he came and played PS2. I called another friend. His name is Adrian. I told him to come to my house, too. We played PS2. After that we played outside. We had a snowball fight. Then Jason’s, and Adrian's mom called and they said, “Come home, its getting dark.” Then they left and I went inside too. My mom asked me, “Why are Jason and Adrian your best friends?” I said Jason is my friend, and he helps me at school. Adrian is my best friend because he plays with me.

Then my mom told me to eat something and go to sleep. I ate and got in bed and went to sleep. I had very nice dreams.

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