Squaga and Squagaka
Evan, Age 10, Cedar Rapids, IA

Once upon a time there lived a rich man his wife and two children named Squaga and Squagaka. They lived in the middle of New York.

One day the dad came home with just enough money for a canister of caviar. One night when the dad was in bed the wife suggested to get rid of the kids. The dad agreed after 2 days.  After they heard Squaga and Squagaka took all the caviar and cookie in the house. When the wife found out they left, the dad and her had to celebrate. Now back to the kids.

When the kids left they started a caviar path. When they thought they would go back a hobo had followed and ate all the eggs. So they kept going on until they stumbled upon a house made completely out of steak. They found some 5 star quality forks and knives and started eating the house like pigs.

“Now that’s their part before they came into my life. I was the nicest friendliest troll you would ever meet before those wretched kids came along. Here’s what really happened after that. Oh yeah, my name is George. On February 10, 2005 George heard someone eating his house so he said,” If you’re going to eat the house come on in so you don’t get pneumonia.”

When the kids got in they said, ”This house smells but wow, you smell worse.” Then they thought and said, ”Where is the caviar, rhino, or bear?”

“This house is made from cow, rhino, and bear bred together to make a rhyowear,said George.

“We’re going to start to eat the house,” said Squaga.

This made George mad. Then he said ”Wouldn’t be talking.”

Then Squagaka said ”Oh no!”

“Sorry,said George sympathetically.

“Do you want dinner?” asked George.

“You want us for dinner,exclaimed Squaga.

“Is that a problem? I was planning to have meat,said George.

“What’ll we have?” asked Squagaka.

“Something right beside me, said George.

“RUNNNNNNNNNN!” yelled Squaga.

“Too bad they’ll miss my famous Twinkie soufflé," said George.

When the kids got home the wife had left. And that made the children and their dad live happily ever after.

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