The Girl with a Purple Thumb
Samantha, Age 8, Woodbridge, ON

There once was a girl who had a purple thumb. I thought that having a purple thumb was weird. I saw the girl with the purple thumb in front of my house.

Then I went into my neighbour’s back yard and told all my friends that I saw a girl with a purple thumb. All of my friends thought that having a purple thumb was cool. My friends and I kept swimming. Then we came up with a good idea. Our idea was to ask the girl if she wanted to join us for a swim.

The girl was shy to come but then my friends and I convinced her to come. When the girl started to swim her thumb started to grow bigger and bigger. The girl’s thumb was growing because it was a salt-water pool.

So I told my friends and we decided to tell her that her thumb was growing. The girls felt sad and sorry that she had a purple thumb that grew.

The girl's purple thumb continued to get bigger and bigger. We decided to bring her to the doctor. Then the doctor said that he had to give her a shot. The shot was supposed to help her purple thumb get better and stop the swelling.

When we got home her thumb was starting to shrink. We had a party for the girl with the purple thumb. We celebrated a party because we were happy for the girl and her purple thumb. Then we drove her home.

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