A True Story
Jerel, Age 11, Cedar Rapids, IA

On September 24th, 2002, my mom went to have a check up on my baby sister or brother. Another time I went with her and they said that it might be a girl. Then on the 25th my mom went to the hospital because they said she needed to have a c-section. Later that day, my dad said that "mommyís going to have her baby early" and I had to stay with my friendís parents. I stayed there for three days.

On the third day he picked me up and said it was a boy and he might die because he weighed 3.8 pounds and he was premature. Two weeks later he gained one pound. Then they said he had to stay for one more week. So I waited for a week to go by and it seemed long. Then the next day he came home.

Two years have passed and heís still alive today.

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