The Undercover Cops
Brittany, Age 10, Mableton, GA

There were two girls and their names were Brittany and Dasia. Brittany had long black hair, and Dasia was light skinned and had hair that went to her shoulders. People called them the two worst girls in town. So there they were walking on a street called Hope street.  That was their hangout. Three other girls jumped in front of them. They said, “We heard that you were  looking for us . Brittany and Dasia replied, “We are looking for you.” Then Brittany and Dasia pulled out their badges and said, “ Freeze, we are undercover cops.”  Get on the ground, said Brittany. “We’re sorry for whatever we did,” said one of the girls . Dasia said, "Tell that to the judge."

The next day they went to the court house. The judge said February the 25th would be the court day, but until then these young ladies would have to stay in jail. "When they get there let them use the phone for whoever they want to call. They get thirty minutes on the phone each."

The days passed. February 25th was the court day. The judge said, "You all are guilty." One of the three girls asked, "Will it cost money to get out of jail?" “How much ?” said two of the three.” “It will cost 700 dollars to get out,’’ said the judge. They were in jail for a long time. Finally they got out. When they got out, they settled down and  from then on they did no badness, only good.

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