William, Age 10, Mableton, GA

Once upon a time half of our class were vampires when it was dark. We all looked for humans and we bit the humanís neck and suck their blood and that gave us strength to fly. So we flew and I saw this kid named Jason. He was in our class but he was not a vampire. There is this other kid named Varinder. He was a vampire too. We were running out of blood and without the blood we were weak. So we both flew towards Jason and both of us sucked Jasonís blood.

We took his heart out with our claws and he died. A few days later, Jason had a half robot and half human body. The robot half of Jason was programmed to destroy vampires. Jason went to the streets at night and Varinder and I saw Jason and we said I thought we got rid of him. We flew towards Jason. But Jason got on Varinderís wings. Varinder went over a cliff and flew upside down. And Jason fell off and vanished. And Varinder said, "Vampires rule the earth."

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