Dawn, Age 13, Greenville, SC

I see a man on the sidewalk
He's dirty and quite a scene
He holds a cardboard sign that's awfully hard to read
Why is he dressed in rags that hardly keep him warm?
Why won't anybody stop and give their time?
Is it because they believe he's hardly worth a dime?
Why is that girl crying over on the porch steps?
Is it because her mom was lost in a car wreck?
Why does the world go 'round?
Why do people cry?
How do you and I get by in such a world as this?
Is it because we don't stop to feel, to breathe, to live?
Why do we hate?
Why do we love?
Tell me oh Lord who looks from above
Why do we take drugs, fight, or commit suicide?
Is this a riddle because I can't figure it out
And I sense in my soul that time is running out
Is this the way the world's supposed to be?
Well if it is then it doesn't appeal to me

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