The Zoo
Daniella, Age 7, Kleinburg, ON

One day in the zoo there was an animal that was called a Filnala. It was a very dumb looking animal. It had five heads, four legs, four feet, and five eyes. The day was very nice at the zoo, but in the afternoon it was raining. And that night it was snowing.

Suddenly a Tiger saw that Filnala dancing. He thought it was so funny. Then all the animals started dancing, even the snakes and the rats.

Many days went by. When those many days went by, it rained and rained, and rained. It even rained in the middle of the night. Then the zoo got flooded. As it rained all the animals continued to dance. Only one animal died and that was sad, very sad. It was the elephant. The zookeeper thought that after the flood all the animals would die. But they stayed alive. Thank goodness no else died.

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