Choose Your Company
Dhanya, Age 13, Bangalore, India

This is a real life story I would like to tell you . It goes like this :

Neha was a cute girl . She was very nice and soft spoken. Her father was a lovely person who always guided her and took care of her. Her mother used to scream at her for some thing or the other and also used to be very sweet at times. Probably all mothers are like that because they are over protective of their young ones. She had a younger sister named Nandini whom Neha loved a lot.

Nandini grew up and looked like a carbon copy of Neha. But Neha was basically a very simple girl and her sister was just the opposite. She was a stylish and nice looking girl whom everyone loved. Neha was now in the ninth standard and due to bad company in school, she changed for the worse.

She differed from Nandini in many ways  - Nandini was now a nice and soft spoken girl whereas Neha was rude and bossy as she was the elder one, she kind of pointed a finger at everything and anything her sister did. She rarely listened to her parents and shouted at them for anything they said. The parents couldn't do anything as they hated to slap their daughters and that is the only thing that Neha needed.

One year passed and Neha didn't change, in fact now SHE started hitting her sister. The parents got fed up one day with the nonsense, slapped Neha, took her out of the school in the middle of the year, paid a lot of money and put her in a boarding school in Ooty. They called her every week and asked her as to how her school and friends were. Her parents and Nandini realized that Neha did sound a little polite because she now had a good company of friends. Neha came home every 3 months and soon all of them realized that she had become a lovely girl.

So friends, what kind of company would you like to choose, good or bad? After this story you should have realized as to how the company of friends has an impact on each one's life. To grow up into a person with a good character we always need good company. To always succeed in your life we must talk to people nicely and politely and for this we need good company. This is what my parents keep telling me and I think that this is a lovely message.


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