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Anna Morgan. Daughters of the Ark
Second Story Press  $9.95  ISBN 1-896764-92-4  229 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 13

Debritu's grandmother unwrapped a small, yellow, wrinkled and frayed cotton cloth that had something written on it. A beautiful green stone was inside. It shimmered and glowed as if it had a life of its own. Debritu stood silently for a moment, gazing at the emerald.

Daughters of the Ark is about two teenage girls and the incredible journeys they make through the deserts of Eastern Africa. Though their journeys take place 2000 years apart, they are remarkably similar, yet different at the same time. Connected by a sacred emerald that gives them courage on their quests they they bravely meet all challenges head on and try to make the best decisions to help their families.

Daughters of the Ark was written by Anna Morgan, a traveling journalist. Anna writes for newspapers and magazines, but this is her first novel. She has interviewed people everywhere and has also met one of the main characters of this book, Debritu (now called Shula). Anna Morgan lives with her family in Toronto, Ontario, but has visited places as far away as the palace of Queen Sheba! Daughters of the Ark is a paperback historical fiction book with 230 pages. I would recommend it for kids grade four-nine.

This book is sort of mystical and wonderful, like the world inside it. It is also plain, and tells you what you need to know without twisting it up with long, confusing descriptions. It tells you the story and paints the word picture but doesn't give you too much information. It keeps you guessing, the perfect balance of embellishment and simplicity. That is why I give this book four stars. As usual it was not the best book I've ever read, but I'm sure you'd like it.


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