Sarah's Stars

John Kilaka. Fresh Fish
Groundwood Books  $16.95  ISBN-0-88899-656-X  25 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 14

When I first picked up Fresh Fish, I thought it looked interesting because of the African-style cover illustration. The endpapers were boldly coloured, but the title page was a bit plain. The publishing information was easy to locate, and complete. All in all, it looked to me like a good book, but it is hard to judge what someone of that reading level might think.

Fresh Fish has a good story line - routine - but well done all the same. The illustrations were my favorite part.  I found, after I finished reading the book, that John Kilaka is world-renowned for his Tingatinga inspired art.  His bright paintings enhance the story, and generally everything that happens in the text is displayed in the pictures. I thought that it was a good book, but since a younger reader told me that he didnít like the pictures, I would have to give this book four stars. Perhaps adults and older children may enjoy this book more than the age level for which it is aimed.


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