Sarah's Stars

Rosemary Nelson. Hubcaps and Puppies
Napoleon Publishing  $8.95  ISBN: 0-929141-98-9  172 pg.
Reviewed by Katie, Age 10

"What was I doing? We both could be killed!"  

The book Hubcaps and Puppies is about a 13 year old and the challenges in her life. She goes through lots of problems, like her dog dying.

Rosemary Nelson is the brilliant writer of Hubcaps and Puppies. She was born in Dinsmore, Saskatchewan, but now lives in British Columbia. She's also written Dragon In The Clouds, The Golden Grasshopper, and Galena's Gift.

I really liked Hubcaps And Puppies because it's full of emotion and action. It's sort of like a normal girlís life, with a few twists. I felt the emotions so much, I cried twice. I liked the problems in this story and how Nikki solves them. I like this book because I could relate to her grandma; my grandma is sort of like her. I liked this book so much, Iím going to suggest it to my local library.


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