Sarah's Stars

Dianna Bonder. Eleven Lazy Llamas
Walrus Books  $19.95  ISBN: 1-55285-609-7  30 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 14

The eleven lazy llamas sleep all day long, except perhaps for the occasional flutter of any eyelash, or polite schnlork. They are all in ‘the exact same spot as the day before’. As far as Dave and Sheila can see, they never move! They really are lazy. Or are they?

I would recommend Eleven Lazy Llamas as a read aloud to anyone younger than 5 years of age. The pictures are bright, fun and plentiful. The storyline is simple, easy to follow and based on the ‘real-life adventures of prize-winning llamas’ right here in BC, Canada. As a child’s read, I would rate this book Five Stars.


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