To Soar Like the Eagle
Colin, Age 12, Vancouver, BC

 In life, we all have to let go of something, places, things, and people. We must all understand that one day, we will see them again. True friendship though, will overcome all obstacles. With the new inventions in our world, we can easily communicate with others, even in long distances. The only thing we need to do is take the time out of our day, to calm down and reunite with our friends. All people separate someday. We must learn to accept this concept, and we must get used to it. It is hard for friends to part after years of friendship, but our society forces this to happen, so we might as well accept it, but still maintain the friendship. Nothing in our world can replace friendship, it is one thing the richest person in the world canít buy. Thus I heed you to never let anything destroy your friendship with others, not distance, not arguments, nothing.... Just remember that you will always be in your friendís heart, and that someday you will meet again. But for now, we need to get on with our lives. Friendship is a treasure, guard it well. Even though, you and your friends may face obstacles, like distance. Donít let this stop your friendship, donít ever stop. Without friends, your life will never be complete. As my final words, ďTreasure you memories, and go on with your life. Love is forever. So are memories.Ē

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