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Ann Halam.
Taylor Five: The Story of a Clone Girl
Dolphin Paperbacks  ISBN 1-85881-792-7  $9.99  181 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 13

ďYou see, weíre going to be alright because Iím a copy of Pam Taylor,Ē she explained, ďand sheís a remarkable person. Iím an exact copy of a remarkable person. I hated it when I saw the ĎTeenage Clones Are Among Usí headlines. I felt like my life had been taken away. But now my life has been taken away, no more stories, and it turns out itís a very good thing that Iím a photocopy of Pam. I donít have to wonder if Iím brave or clever. I know I am.Ē

Taylor Five is a remarkable story about survival, strength, faith, and love. It tells of a young teenage girl whose life is changed forever when rebels attack her home. As she journeys through the jungles and savannahs of Borneo, she searches for help and the answers to her questions. Where are her parents? Are they even alive? What will happen if they are not? She is also haunted by her former life. After a revealing newspaper story the world is finally made aware of Taylor and the other four teenage clones created by Life-Force as a living cure to a number of diseases. Can Taylor come to terms with herself? How similar is she, yet how different from the rest of the world?

Ann Halam, penname of Gwyneth Jones, wrote Taylor Five. She was born and went to University in England, but spent much of her life travelling in Southeast Asia. She has written several other books for children, including: The Powerhouse, The Fear Man, The Haunting of Jessica Raven, Crying in the Dark, The N.I.M.R.O.D. Conspiracy, Donít Open Your Eyes, and Dr. Franklinís Island. Most are horror stories, some are thrillers, but all are adventurous and utterly weird! Taylor Five is a sci-fi adventure novel in paperback with 181 pages. I think this book is most suited for grades five to nine and is an exciting and interesting read.

Taylor Five was an emotional whirlwind from start to finish. I both cried and laughed out loud while reading this book and it held my attention the whole way. You really ask yourself, ĎWhat would I do in that situation?í and sometimes, you just donít know. I have read my fair share of science fiction, as itís one of my favourite genres, and this book is definitely among the best of them. I happily give Taylor Five a five star rating!


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