T.V. Town
Shara, Age 9, Maple Ridge, BC

It was a misty, cold day and my friend and I were playing catch. "I told you not to throw it so far," my friend complained. I had thrown our ball over on the other side of a creaky, old bridge. "I am going in," I promised as I walked farther and farther over the bridge. " Got it," I said as I turned to rush back. Unfortunately, the bridge was gone and there was now a brick wall standing as high as I could see.

" Welcome to T.V. Town," A voice from the man beside me, bellowed. I was freaked out. Where in the world was T.V. Town? How was I going to get back? All these questions raced through my mind." How am I supposed to get back?" I shivered. Then I looked around me. There were hundreds of TV stars right in front of me.

The man stared down at me, his white moustache twitched as he started to speak. " Bring me an autograph." Then in a flash, he was gone. I looked around me and then I stared to understand. Maybe just maybe, if I bring him  an autograph, he will open up the bridge.

I went down to see if Cinderella was home. I figured she lived on Cinderella Avenue so I checked it out. Luckily, I caught her pulling out of the driveway."Well hello darling," she said smiling, "what's a little one like yourself doing here?"

" I have come to get your autograph." She pulled out a pen and paper. " To whom am I writing this?" She said with her pen poised. "Shara," I said.

I ran as fast as I could to the bridge." Here, it's Cinderella's autograph," I said out of breath." "Very well then. See you," he said smiling. For a moment everything was black. Then I saw the bridge. One foot after another, I walked slowly over the bridge toward my friend." Hey, are you okay?" my friend asked. " Yeah I'm fine, " I announced smiling," I just had the experience of a lifetime."

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