When My Dad Died
Nicole, Age 8, Mableton, GA

When my dad died I felt sad, mad and also glad. Why some people say I feel glad is because my dad is with Jesus Christ. And up in heaven you will not get killed. Never do stuff you're not supposed to do and you will not go to heaven. But heaven is a good thing. When my dad died they had to put pennies in his eyes. They did an autopsy to show the cause of his death. When they did the autopsy his jaws were big like apples.

No one knows how he died. But when my dad died we went to his funeral. I remember when we went to the airport I meet my aunts. When my dad died I cried so I could get all the anger out of me. My dad was 6 feet tall, he had glasses and he was handsome. My dad was nice and cool in these ways: Generosity, Respect, Honor, Responsibility Trust, Love, Care and Relationship. That's how I will always remember my dad.

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