Mark, Age 16, Vancouver, BC

I saw the ancient wars again
The fathers were laughing
While the generals are getting fatter off their warfare
The creator of Eden smiles as we live and die
She journeys into the green death
And yet is there a mark? No
The lust for life is getting more obscene
As the human tries to find something
That's already found us
And yet the media stare and doesn't care
About the golden rubies and dead babies
All they think about is the career
That drives us to the garden of death
The sanctuary was cold as if there was a last breath
The roses were blooming as if this was the last day
To live and talk away
To see our friends and go out to play
To laugh and share the right way
And yet the clouds began to turn dark
As the animals began to howl
We the humans ran like leopards
The girls were smarter and knew what to do
My mind was all a mess all the way through
The Apocalypse was beginning
We were all lost and tried to deny it
That the life we should begin is nothing like the one before
Even though there's nothing anymore
I heard a man playing his guitar
He began to say:
"Life brings fault and pain
We are all waiting for death to take our sanity and pain away"
I thought to myself is propaganda phoney?
Does money talk or does it swear?
And is life just pointless and lonely
I started to walk up the crumpled street
Where everyone had fled
I do remember if I had cried
Because this day has touched me deep inside
I picked up a bottle of rye
Said: "Well I'm ready to die"
Heard the song American Pie
On the radio that felt like taking me away
The lies that were told to me
I felt that it had set me free
I looked around to see if there was any survivors
Even though people died and tried to cry
I decided to take a drink from my bottle of rye
And yet I tripped onto the grass
I felt like I wanted to dance
And yet I had no chance
I felt like singing the good old song
About a land that was once here than suddenly got killed
Well, I thought, here comes the rage
As my fists turn into rage and saw satan laughing
I wanted to take his pointed face
But then I turned around
And saw a little girl who smiled at me
She gave me light and I felt a tear
And yet I was lying all along
I am drenched in fear
I turned to death and asked:
"Is it my turn?"
And yet he answered:

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