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P.B. Kerr. Children of the Lamp: The Akhenaten Adventure
Orchard Books  $22.99  ISBN 0-439-67019-5  355 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 13

"If what you say is true,” said Philippa, “And we are djinn, then there's an easy way to prove all this.”

“What would you suggest?” asked Nimrod.

“I don't know … a rhinoceros?” He pointed to the other end of the room, where a

rhinoceros was now standing.

          “Holy mackerel,” she whispered, petrified. “Get rid of it.”

          “Get rid of what?”

          “The rhino of course.”

        “What rhino?”

          She looked again and saw that the rhino was gone.

Children of the Lamp: The Akhenaten Adventure is about twelve-year-old American twins, John and Philippa, who go to visit their British uncle during the summer and discover they are djinn! But soon they are caught up in an adventure beyond their imaginations! Revealed by a recent earthquake is a stone tablet that holds secrets lost for thousands of years. However, if these secrets were unraveled by the wrong people (or shall I say, the wrong djinn), who knows what might happen.

P.B. Kerr, the author of Children of the Lamp is a writer of adult thrillers, such as Gridiron, The Shot, and the Berlin Noir Trilogy. This is his first children's novel, and I think we can guess it won't be his last, the double-barreled title and all. Kerr lives in London, England, though he is originally from Scotland. The Akhenaten Adventure is a 355 page hardcover adventure/fantasy novel, and would be a great book for a book report or novel study. I think it would be suitable for guys and girls ages 10 to 13.

Although it is another book about the battle of Good and Evil, Children of the Lamp is somewhat different. With its odd characters, fantastical plot, and ancient mystique it draws you into the strange new world of the djinn tribes, and their continuous battle between Good Luck and Bad Luck. From caviar to Russian ice cream, from Cairo to the North Pole, from a fiery copper scorpion to the frozen ghost of a pharaoh, the characters of this story certainly get around! Four stars go to Children of the Lamp for its brave new ideas and shocking adventures!


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