Taylor, Age 12, El Dorado Hills, CA

I have spent my whole life trying to figure out what to feel really is. To know and understand, and to laugh and cry. To love, and live.

A friend once asked me "Do you know why you have the life you have?" and it was, "because God knew you would be strong enough." My name is Taylor. I am currently twelve years old, and I am in seventh grade.

I had lost my mother last fall, and my father has just returned from his new honeymoon. As well as all the boy drama of a typical preteen girl. As you may think this was a tragic period of my life. Every day I  wake up remembering everything in my life, as if it were all in one day, and I can't even imagine its real, yet me knowing its not a dream.

I had to grow up faster than anyone else I've ever known. I had to know that you learn from everyone, in any relationship with any guy. I had to remember the good things and memories with my mom, and that the best thing that could and happen to my father and myself, was to find someone else to remind us that we are loved. I am sitting here typing and praying. I pray that one day I will understand what it is to feel and love, to cry or laugh, and what life really is. I will always have my good and bad days, yet no matter what happens I need to remember to take advantage of every memory and lesson I get, because there is a reason to cry, and there is reason why we laugh. I do know however that no one will ever really understand everything about life but we can only let life live itself and learn to our absolute strength and heart.

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