Sarah's Stars

Mike Leonetti. Gretzkyís Game
Raincoast Books  $21.95  ISBN 1-55192-851-5  29 pg.
Reviewed by Gavin, Age 11

Gretzkyís Game is about a boy called Ryan who loves hockey, and tries to be like Wayne Gretzky who is playing for the Edmonton Oilers at that time. Like Gretzky, Ryan is small for his age and a good, clean player. In the story there are lots of details about Gretzkyís scores, points and assists, and how Ryan wants to play on a select team and score goals, too.

The cover makes you want to read this book. The pictures are very detailed, and the expressions show what is happening in the story. The print is easy to read, and there isnít too much on each page. The only thing I didnít like about this book is the large print words in amongst the text. If you like hockey, you will probably enjoy Gretzkyís Game.

Suitable for ages 6-10 years.


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